Japanese class – 6 November

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Here is what Keiko wanted to share about her Japanese class of the 6th of Novemberat the Modern Language School, in Meltham near Huddersfield:

We have started to learn Japanese verbs.  Also, we now know the secret of the elements of Moon, Fire, Water, Tree, Metal, Earth, and Sun – while they sound very Avatar-ish, in fact in modern Japanese they are used in reference to the days of week!

  • 月 (getsu) means moon.
  • 火 (ka) means fire.
  • 水 (sui) means water.
  • 木 (moku) means wood.
  • 金 (kin) means gold.
  • 土 (do) means earth.
  • 日 (nichi) means sun.


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