Japanese – 4th april 2017

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I can’t believe how fast and efficiently Keiko’s class are learning this amazing Japanese language. Yet here are Keiko’s news from this week’s Japanese class et the Modern Language School:

The begining of April is the time when cherry blossoms are blooming!
In this season, the Japanese people get excited: they spend as much time as possible around their beloved cherry trees and they eat and drink on mats put under the trees – a lovely form of picnic.
The dark side of this is… they also enjoy singing karaoke under the trees.
We now know how to describe this in Japanese:
さくらのしたでおさけをのみます。Sakura no shita de osake wo nomimasu.
さくらのしたでカラオケをします。Sakurano shita de karaoke wo shimasu.