Walk & Talk in French

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Why walk to learn French?

Research shows that our memory retains more and more efficiently if we are active while learning. So standing and moving makes our brain more alert.

Also the Modern Language School is situated in Magdale, near Honley. That is to say in a beautiful area of valleys, woods and hills, with a river and a canal. But often we just park the car, go into our class and just drive off afterwards.

When and for how long?

To make sure anyone who wanted to attend could, it had to be a Sunday. However, weekend time with friends and family is precious. Plus it could not be too long, so people didn’t use up all their Sunday energy. Hence it was settled for a one-hour walk, with a bit of time at the end for a chat and a drink if people wished it.

On the 2nd of June 2019

The weather held nicely, making it even more pleasant and enjoyable.
We saw some ducklings on the canal and lots of different trees and beautiful landscapes.
Everyone spoke – mostly – in French, even some of the people we just met on the way.
Although he had been detained at home, David very cleverly used the French audio directions I had sent and reversed them to meet us half-way.
Catherine kindly took most of the photos and, during our post-walking coffee, Jane read us a very apposite poem, The Magic of Magdale, by a Holmfirth poet – in English -.
This certainly felt like an experience to renew. What do you think?