Writing in Japanese: 9th of May class

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The small but dedicated group of Japanese students at the Modern Language School are steaming ahead with their writing! This can be seen from Keiko’s message about their last class:



Japanese language has three different writing forms:

HIRAGANA is usually used for phonetical writing and to indicate particles.


KATAKANA is used for loan words and foreign words (such as non-Japanese names), which are words that originate in other languages.


KANJI comes from Chinese characters. These were inherited from China in different waves throughout the history of Sino-Japanese contact over time.

Japanese KANJI differs from its modern Chinese counterpart in many respects.


Our Japanese students have started to recognise HIRAGANA – which is quite amazing!


From this term, we have started to learn KATAKANA, while we have continued working on HIRAGANA.
Now students in the class can recognise their names written in KATAKANA!


Congratulations to Keiko’s students!