Advice for learning Italian.

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READ, books, articles, blogs, everything which will help you widen your Italian I would however recommend you chose something which interests you and something slightly above your level! Reading for 10/15 minutes a day will be enough to noticeably improve … Read More

Il quiz di Halloween!

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Buongiorno tutti! Do you remember the Halloween vocabulary I put on my last blog? Now it is time to see how much you can remember. No cheating! Put your answers on the comments to this blog, on Facebook or let … Read More

Halloween in Italy!

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In Italy Halloween is celebrated to honor the dead and deceased. Otherwise known as All Saint’s Eve, it is becoming a popular day for costume parties and events in Italy. While the main holidays are still All Saints Day on … Read More

Travel Apps for Italy

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At the Modern Language School it is not only important to us that you have fun learning great languages but also that you make the most of your next trip to Italy.  Check out this interesting article about the best … Read More

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