Wine tasting of this Friday

The wines for this Friday’s tasting have been delivered! They make an interesting and mouth-watering ensemble.

On the menu  

  • Picpoul de Pinet – Villemarin, Cave Ormarine
  • Viognier – Marquis de Pennautier
  • Marsanne – Domaines Paul Mas
  • Costières de Nîmes – Château Guiot
  • Carignan – Alain Grignon
  • Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun – La Grange des Combes

There will also be some amuse-bouches but feel free to bring any food delicacy you would like to share at the event.

This French wine tasting is by invitation only and places must be reserved with Dom in advance (currently 2 places left).

As a preview, here is a simple description of the process of wine tasting:

  1. look at the “robe” and legs (the colour and how it clings to the glass)
  2. Take the first nose (take a first smell of the wine)
  3. oxygenate it (gently swirl your wine in the glass anticlockwise)
  4. Take the second nose (take a second smell of the wine – you’ll be surprised at how it has developed)
  5. Take a tiny sip and, without swallowing, breathe in through your mouth
  6. Swill that sip through your mouth (a bit like mouthwash)
  7. Swallow (or spit out)
  8. Breathe and feel

Though in my experience, by wine number 4 nobody seems to follow the order so strictly…