• High quality language classes
    High quality language classes
  • Daytime & evening language classes for adults
    Daytime & evening language classes for adults
  • Qualified & professional language teachers
    Qualified & professional language teachers
  • In comfortable surroundings
    In comfortable surroundings
  • Language classes for adults from £5.23 an hour!
    Language classes for adults from £5.23 an hour!
  • A local place for local people
    A local place for local people

Are you in Yorkshire and looking for…

If your answer is "yes" to some / all of the above, you are on the best site you could find. Click on the language you are interested in and see what is on offer.

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A great night out! Italian Christmas Meal 2019.
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MLS Newsletter May 2019 and Party
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THE MODERN LANGUAGE SCHOOL NEWSLETTER – May 2019 Your school will have been in Honley for a year this July. With this newsletter, we would like to thank you all for your positive and kind comments about the new premises. … Read More

All our classes are now back in school, but can be attended on line. Please contact us for further details.