Advice for learning Italian.

  1. READ, books, articles, blogs, everything which will help you widen your Italian I would however recommend you chose something which interests you and something slightly above your level! Reading for 10/15 minutes a day will be enough to noticeably improve your ability.


  1. LISTEN, films, songs, everything you can and every time you can listen. This is crucial to improving your Italian and there is a wide variety of things to choose from. Not only will you improve your vocabulary you will start to get an ear for the language and improve you spoken Italian without even opening your mouth!


  1. Every opportunity you have TALK Italian! Above all in class as your teacher and your fellow students will be there to help you. Try to make sure you talk at your level of Italian. Try to avoid translating complicated sentences from English to Italian. Unprepared speech at whatever level is the best!


  1. Study GRAMMAR! Yes I am sorry if you are not a massive fan. Whilst it is not the most important part of your studies it is fundamental. Grammar gives you the tools to understand and speak the language correctly.


  1. TAKE NOTES. Carry with you a small note book and jot down new words and phrases as you hear them. Then try to use them repeatedly until they roll off the tongue.


  1. Set ACHIEVEABLE TARGETS. Setting short term goals is which you can achieve will be motivating and encourage your studies.


  1. IMMERSE yourself in the language. Surround yourself with people that speak Italian. Whether this is in class, by attending extra activities or ideally booking that all important trip to Italy.


  1. HAVE FUN! I believe that in order to do something really well you need to enjoy doing it! It is my job to make sure you enjoy your lessons after that it is up to you!


  1. My last piece of advice is HAVE A GO! Don’t worry about making mistakes! The more you try the more you will learn!