Dégustation de vin

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A lovely party of 18 students and partners (though 2 persons were sadly unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances) met at the Modern Language School tonight and tasted 7 different, fine examples of wines produced in the Burgundy and … Read More

Dining out in Portugal

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Eating is something you will get plenty of chance to do in Portugal and you are in for a treat! Here are some useful words and phrases for you: garfo fork faca knife colher spoon prato plate copo glass guardanapo … Read More

FREE Language Travel Guide

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Download your FREE Language Travel Guide! Just leave your name email address to download. Also don’t forget to check this article so your home is safe while you are away: http://www.cpsestates.co.uk/NewsDetails.aspx?SitePrefix=CPSE&ID=1001 [email-download download_id=”798,821,837,839,841″ contact_form_id=”797″]

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