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Dégustation de vin

A lovely party of 18 students and partners (though 2 persons were sadly unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances) met at the Modern Language School tonight and tasted 7 different, fine examples of wines produced in the Burgundy and Beaujolais areas. Nina and I enjoyed ourselves very much and thank you for taking part and even helping with some of the catering.



The wines we tasted were 4 whites: Mâcon-Villages Les Roches Blanches – Louis Jadot; Petit Chablis – Union des viticulteurs de Chablis; Côte Chalonnaise – La Buxynoise; White Burgundy – Paul Talmard (with many thanks to Alan for finding this last one). Then we tasted 3 reds: Fleurie – Georges Duboeuf; Côte d’or – Labouré-Roi; Mâcon rouge Les Roches Rouges – Louis Jadot.



We ate a selection of snacks from tomatoes and strawberries to meat

or vegetarian pâté, as well as olives, prawns, turkey, goat’s cheese,20151016_192533

camembert, etc.

We watched some YouTube introductions to the different wines, some boring, some interesting and some cheesy (to go with the smelly camambert?).





Some people,who will not be named and shamed in this blog, shared some dirty French jokes… Some, who will not…, teased their friends who could not attend with text messages. A couple or so of us acquired lovely pink cheeks.

Personally, I enjoyed this wine tasting more than any before (and it’s not just because I was in charge). Burgundy and Beaujolais are my favourite wines and these were good examples.


But most of all I , and I believe Nina will agree with me, enjoyed the company and good humour of this evening.


Dom 🙂