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Dining out in Portugal

Eating is something you will get plenty of chance to do in Portugal and you are in for a treat! Here are some useful words and phrases for you:

garfo fork

faca knife

colher spoon

prato plate

copo glass

guardanapo napkin


Here are some basic items you may wish to ask for (pedir) in the restaurant or someone’s house (casa)

sal salt

pimienta pepper

pão bread

gelo ice


Here are some useful phrasesL


Eu adoro chocolate! I love chocolate!

Eu detesto ovos. I hate eggs.

Qual é a sua comida favorita? What is your favourite food?

Que tipo de comida gosta? What type of food do you like?

Gosta de cozinhar? Do you like to cook?

Pode recomendar um bom restaurante por aqui? Can you recommend a good restaurant around here?


And some phrases you can say at the table:

É delicioso It’s delicious

Está quente. It’s hot

Está frio. It’s cold.

Bom appetite! Enjoy your meal!

Saúde! Cheers!