Discovering French Wines – French wine tasting

Why French wine tasting?

An important part of the French culture is its food and wine, of course; and many restaurant menus provide an initial lesson in French.

Why at the Modern Language School?

For several years now I have been leading evenings in tasting French wines at the Modern Language School. I personally love wine and am engaged in furthering my knowledge and am passionate about sharing that knowledge with others.

From the many messages I received , maybe the nicest came from David: “Best wine tasting I have ever been to”. What more can I say?

Last year, we had a tasting of some outstanding “vins du Pays d’Oc”.

This year, I have themed the French wine tasting on constrasting wines, to help wine lovers distinguish different styles and origins.

As usual, there will be a buffet and cars can be left at the school and retrieved between 11 and 11.30 the following morning (please let me know if you require this free service).

The event will take place at the Modern Language School, in Meltham Mills at 7 pm and non French speakers are welcome to join.

Why not, in fact, make it an evening out for your friends or family?

Tickets cost only £18.00, all included.

Please contact Dom Rebout at french@modernlanguageschool or on 07957 611 552.

Thank you for your interest. 🙂