Italian Classes

Ciao! Welcome to my Italian Blog.

If like me you have just got back from your holiday (hopefully you had a fantastic time) you may be inspired by all things Italian to have a go at the language! You could download an app, search for resources online, buy a book and CD and give it a go by yourself. Or… you could join one of our Italian classes. Not only do most people find it easier, it is a lot more fun learning in a group! Especially in one of our classes! Whilst no one would say learning Italian is easy for most people it is certainly easier and more enjoyable when learning with others.

In one of our Italian classes you will learn the nuts and bolts of the language to help you structure your own Italian sentences.This will allow you to speak this beautiful language in Italy to Italians saying what you want at all levels of your learning. After just a few lessons you will be surprised how much you can say! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to greet people, introduce yourself and others, talk about your family and where you live in Italian? As the course progresses you will be able to go shopping, order food in a restaurant, get around town and even book into a hotel. Wow!

Our Italian classes are all run from our dedicated language school in Meltham Mills near both Holmfirth and Huddersfield. You will be able to learn in comfortable surroundings with the latest technology and resources. Classes are offered at various levels both during the day and in the evening hopefully something to suit everyone! My more advanced classes (Intermediate Italian) focus on conversation with some grammar revision. These are excellent for brushing up your existing knowledge whilst learning about Italian culture, art, history, food and wine.

If you are concerned that you may not able to attend all the classes then we have this covered. For any classes you miss you will be sent the work and in addition you will be able to attend a different lesson to make up for the lesson you missed (this will often be at a different level however some Italian is better than none).

You will find that learning at The Modern Language School is a very sociable thing to do. Friendships are formed and the groups often socialise outside the class. To encourage this we hold extra events such as Italian Wine Tasting and cookery evenings (in conjunction with Cafe Umbria) as well as cinema sessions and conversation classes. We also hold an annual party open to students and their partners. This year we have decided to have a charity dinner and disco at Meltham Golf Club raising money for Cancer Research.

If you are still uncertain then please read what my students have to say about the classes and the school found under testimonials on our website. Give me a call to discuss your needs or why not come along to one of my summer classes to see what it is like first hand. Please contact me for details.