Italian Summer Conversation Classes

The Italian students here at The Modern Language School are keeping up with their Italian over the holidays.

This week we have had another fun filled Italian summer class at The Modern Language School. These classes are conversation classes open to students with varying amounts of Italian. With the main focus on conversational Italian these classes are designed to help students revise their spoken Italian on a variety of useful topics such as shopping, restaurants, hotels, directions. This week’s activities included general conversation, a competition and a role-play game.


conv class students 1 conv class students 2 conv class students 3


Here are a few photos from this weeks session and what a couple of the students think about these classes.

” I find that the Italian Summer Conversation Classes are a really fun way to keep the language going over the summer break. It’s amazing how all the varied games and activities keep us talking, and laughing, all evening. Before I went to one, I thought that a Conversation Class might be too difficult. Far from it. Give it a try and you’ll see.” Helen Bowett.
“I think they are essential and entertaining way to keep in contact with the language over the summer holidays. I am surprised by how quickly time passes by during the two hour sessions that are crammed with activities devised and developed by the school to get the student to talk in Italian. Talking in a coherent and correct way in a foreign language is quite difficult these lessons have helped me a lot.” Tony Renshaw

Unlike other language providers here at The Modern Language School we have recognised a need to provide an opportunity for our students to keep studying Italian over the holidays. After studying hard from September to July some of our students want to keep up with their Italian ready for their holidays or in deed the new term. The students can choose to attend, some or all of the summer classes, depending when they are available.

Due to the popularity of these Italian classes we also offer conversation classes on an ad hoc basis throughout the year, sometimes on a Saturday morning or on an evening during half term or the Easter holidays.

Summer classes are also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.