My language journey from Huddersfield to Milan

I joined the Italian Beginners course at the Modern Language School after my fiance (who was living in Italy) proposed and asked me to make the move to Milan. Considering I had 7 months to learn, joining The Modern Language school was the best decision I could have ever made.

At my first ever lesson (which was nearing the end of the second term so it was much more advanced than I initially thought), I felt so out of my depth that I almost wasn’t going to return, however my concerns were eased by Vicky (and the other students!) who assured me I would be fine if I put the effort in to learn- and started thinking in Ital

In those 7 months, Vicky committed herself to really helping me when I needed it- whether it was during the weekly class or during our 1-1 lessons. She would plan activities, which would put me in situations as a local living in Italy. Considering I started with no knowledge of the language, by the time I moved the following year, I spoke better Italian than my husband!

Her advice and support before, during and even after my move to Milan prepared me immensely. I knew she was just a message away if I had any questions or if I generally wanted a chat about living here.


After I moved, I put the Italian I learnt into practice as well as enrolling onto a course through the Commune. The teaching was nowhere near the same standard as at the Modern Language School; the teachers at the Commune speak very minimal (in some cases no) English meaning they couldn’t answer any questions or explain any of the theory, so I continued lessons with Vicky through Skype. She was a great support and was able to answer all my questions and prepare me for the final exam.

However, I still struggled to find a job (many companies will not consider an applicant unless they can speak fluent/professional capacity Italian) so I decided to continue studying. After a suggestion from Vicky, I approached Scuola Leonardo da Vinci and after taking the entry exam, I enrolled onto the A3 course for one month, 5 days a week. The intensity and variety of the lessons were great and I met many people who were in a similar situation as myself. The teachers were qualified to speak fluent English, which was a huge support.



Fast forward 10 months and I’m now working in a company where we speak both English and Italian. Being in an environment where everyone is speaking Italian is what helped me the most. I realised even if I am unable to speak perfectly (which is most of the time), if I try to communicate and go for it, they will understand what I’m saying- and luckily Italians are so welcoming and understanding!