Spring is in the air!

It may be snowing and cold at the moment in God’s own county, but I can tell you spring is in the air. It’s not long before Meltham Mills bursts forth with renewed life.

How do I know? Because I have so much energy I can offer you…

…6 extra French events coming soon, at the Modern Language School.

You can choose one, two, three, four, five or all of the following, in chronological order:

  • Saturday the 10th of March, 11 am to 12.30, French conversation (£10)
  • Monday the 16th of April, 7 to 8.30 pm, French for holidays, an 8 week course for beginners (£88)
  • Friday the 20th of April, 7 to 9:15 pm, French wine tasting (£18)
  • Saturday the 28th of April, 11 am to 12.30, French conversation (£10)
  • Saturday the 19th of May, 11 am to 12.30, French conversation (£10)
  • Saturday the 9th of June, 11 am to 12.30, French conversation (£10)

All the above take place at the Modern Language School, Unit G2, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham, Holmfirth, HD9 4DS.

  • The French conversation classes:

    Ideal for people at intermediate plus or advanced levels. These don’t involve, as is so sadly often the case in “French conversation classes”, reading an article from a newspaper or magazine and then trying to think about what to say about it. The conversations are based on everyday life themes and involve a lot of talking as well as speaking games. I (Dom) teach these classes and have never resented tearing myself away for an hour and a half from my chilled (or not) weekend.


  • The French for holidays course:

    This is designed for total beginners who wish to have some contact with French people, who no longer want to order snails when they are vegetarian, and who want to find their way round their holiday resort. Once again, we concentrate on everyday life (albeit life on holiday) and on speaking and understanding. The course comes with a free detailed booklet containing lessons, exercises and activities. My colleague Gwen, who comes from Lille, will guide you through this course and might even be able to recommend some cool places to visit in her wonderful city.

  • The French wine tasting:

    The French wine tasting evenings are always popular and I hope this one will continue the tradition. We only taste, and sometimes taste again, French wines. I usually introduce each wine with a very short video (in French or in English). Tasting notes are provided in English as well as a score sheet for you to keep for future reference. My long-suffering partner will prepare snacks to go with the wines and my (also long-suffering) colleague Nina will help me with the presentation and serving of the wine. I usually recommend that you drive to the school in Meltham Mills and share a taxi back home. I can then provide you with a narrow window (11 to 11.15 am) to pick up your car the following morning.

I hope you will find something to attract in the above and that you too will feel that spring really is on its way.

To book your place on these events, please call 07957 611552 or email french@modernlanguageschool.co.uk

Merci et à bientôt.

Dom Rebout