Monday afternoon in French

There is often a lot of banter in the Monday afternoon French class in Meltham Mills. Although learning a foreign language is not always a piece of cake, it has its many delicious moments. This Monday morning at the Modern Language School, Brian, Chris, Gary, Julie, Louise, Steven and Sue (Janet was away in France, […]

ou OR où

Ou and où are 2 French words which are pronounced exactly the same but where the little “accent grave” make a huge difference. Ou, sans accent, veut dire “or” mais où, avec accent veut dire where. My cat Eyera has kindly agreed to demonstrate for us: Elle hésite: Plus près de la fenêtre, au soleil, […]

Where an “s” at the end won’t be enough

French Language Plural The French section of the Modern Language School reminds you: Just as in English the plural of mouse is mice, in French the plural of journal is journaux. I will give one of my amazing prizes to each of  the 2 students who post on our Facebook page the nicest (unusual, imaginative, shocking, […]

Saying “my darling” in French

In today’s French class at the Modern Language School, we were studying possessive adjectives (they sound dangerous, but they don’t bite). It’s the grammar name for words like my, your, his, her, our, their. With these, though it does not come naturally to English speakers, the word for my, etc. agrees (gender and number) with the […]